Hi, I’m Angela Tyson.

I’m a certified health coach, and I can help you take better care of yourself.

I really only care about “health” because I want to feel good all the time and enjoy life more, so, you won’t get a lot of pop health fad type stuff from me – mostly basic common sense : )

Thanks to the miraculous regenerative abilities of our species’ body/mind/spirit we can get transformative results by making a few good choices, and applying a relatively small amount of effort – a little bit of help can make a wonderful difference to us and the enjoyment of our lives.

The kind of results I’m talking about:

  • more fun
  • more energy
  • less stress
  • natural pain relief
  • feel better
  • look better
  • connect more with your heart
  • connect more with others : )
  • lose weight (if you want to)
  • all the above

I work with adults to help make positive choices that produce real and lasting results to body, mind, and spirit. These results are achieved using (tiny) small steps toward positive lifestyle changes, which you can hand-pick according to your personal preferences, and heartfelt desires.

If you’d like to inquire about booking a session, please feel free to make contact and see if we’re a good fit. Your free initial consultation can be via telephone or Skype/Messenger/etc, or in-person!


Ange xxx

Could one conversation change your life?